How do I set up custom domains?

If you are a pro member you have the ability to add a custom domain to your account. There are a few things that you need to know in order to set up your domain.

Register your domain

In order to configure custom domains within Holler you’ll first need to purchase a domain. You can use whichever domain registrar you wish. While I personally use Namecheap, you could use GoDaddy, Google Domains, or anything else.

Set your domain in Holler

Within the settings area of your account (found here) you simply enter the domain that you want to use. NOTE: Before entering the domain double and triple check it. Once we’ve initialized the domain setup process you cannot revert without filing a support ticket.

Also be sure that you do not use a root domain. You must use a subdomain (like www) when setting your domain. (For example, will work but will not).

Configure your CNAME record

Within 20 minutes of adding your domain you should see a CNAME entry in the settings area that corresponds to the domain you’ve entered. You’ll have to configure this with your domain registrar. Here’s how to do so with the following registrars:

For slightly more advanced users, we recommend that you use Cloudflare.

Wait for finalization

Our system will periodically check to verify your DNS records for the required CNAME entry. We’ll then issue an SSL certificate to ensure your site is secure. This entire process typically occurs within an hour but it may take longer.