What automated emails do you send?

Currently, we send four types of emails to your attendees automatically:

  1. Order confirmation emails - These are created the moment that somebody completes a ticket purchase, if they register for a free event, or if they are manually added by you.
  2. Date / Time Change emails - If you make changes to the start time or to the timezone used for an event, we will automatically send out an email notifying attendees that the date/time has changed.
  3. Meeting reminders - 24 hours before an event begins, we send out an email to your attendees reminding them of the meeting the next day.
  4. About to start emails - Approximately 30 minutes prior to the event, we notify the attendees that the meeting is about to start and provide a link to the attendee-specific page. 10 minutes prior to the event, that page will include a link to the Zoom meeting.