How do attendees access my meeting?

Once an attendee registers for your meeting / event, they will be sent a confirmation email which specifies the date, time, and how to access the event. The access link provided is unique to the attendee and links back to Holler.

The unique access link is to a page custom tailored to that attendee.

There are three states of an attendee access page:

  1. Prior to meeting
  2. Right Before / During meeting (Starting 15 minutes prior)
  3. After meeting

Prior to Meeting

If your attendee visits their unique access link prior to the meeting, they’ll see a page like the one pictured here:

It provides them with details about when the event will start and suggests they download Zoom prior to the event so they can easily join.

Right Before / During Meeting

Beginning 15 minutes prior to the meeting the attendee will instead be shown the following page via their unique access link. This page will include a button which states “Access The Meeting Now”.

After Meeting

Following the completion of the meeting they’ll see a page like the one pictured below notifying them that the event has ended. If the organizer has entered a URL for their company, we included a link to their organization’s website to sign up for future events.